High Brightness (up to 3800nits)
High definition
High contrast
High color saturation

The high brightness hanging double-sided inner window display has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used in the window of a clothing store. It can publish advertising information anytime and anywhere. In addition,thanks to its double-sided display function, it can make the business operation of the bank more smoothly. One side faces inwards and faces the guests in the lobby, which can display the banking business process, and the other side faces outwards, which can promote other functions of the bank.


1. Double-sided display, broaden vision, double-sided inner window display content can be oriented to different audiences, dual-screen simultaneous display and single-screen different display.

2. The appearance is simple and fashionable, and the unique design makes the appearance more attractive and technological.

3. High definition, high contrast, high color saturation, making the picture more beautiful and advertising better

4. Brightness is adjustable, automatic photosensitive can be selected, and the device can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment; in addition, the brightness can also be adjusted manually, which can be adjusted through the adjustment knob behind the screen according to your own needs.

5. Hanging installation, not limited by space, and save space, customers can install according to their own preferences and needs, and will not cause space blockage due to the device.

6. Diversified publicity methods, the double-sided display is compatible with a variety of media formats, and can transmit text, pictures, and video formats in all directions, fully considering the user experience.

The playback content can be set in advance, select the time period to play some content, and fully intelligently set.


1. Professional production line and technology, different from other companies, our heat dissipation plate is made of high-quality aluminum material, which has better heat dissipation, and our cable is also very neat and orderly, and it will pass through professional aging test before leaving the factory. 

2. Delicate packaging, professional protection measures. When shipping, we will customize special cartons according to different sizes of products, and place foam at the four corners that are easily damaged to protect the device.

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