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Kosintec offer a range of commercial digital display screen and custom LCD displays for use in retail.



Kosintec as a professional digital signage manufacturer which provides commercial digital signage display and custom Lcd display since 2013.

  • Brand trustworthiness
    Brand trustworthiness
    Many years of design experience,products throughout every industry,Display covering multiple cisties
  • Cost performance
    Cost performance
    Designed for customers need,The input-output ratio won the praise of the majority of customers
  • Independent innovation
    Independent innovation
    Always take product quality as the core and service first
  • Professional service
    Professional service
    24/7 Customer service support,online technology support,free spare parts replace

Range Of Premium Products

As a digital signage manufacturer, Kosintec specialized in manufacturing LCD video walls, digital shelf displays, digital menu boards, and high brightness digital signages used in supermarket and shops.

Our Cases

As a global supplier, KOSINTEC has been contributing its innovation ability to realize the customized needs for customers over 100+ countries.
  • Auto
    At present, with the intelligent development of the automobile industry, more and more automobile brands are beginning to carry larger LCD display central control screens.
  • KOSINTEC Display
    KOSINTEC Display
    Continuously provide innovative and high-performance commercial display products and solutions
  • How to use controller
    How to use controller
    Continuously provide innovative and high-performance commercial display products and solutions

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