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  • Best electronic shelf label Company - KOSINTEC
    Best electronic shelf label Company - KOSINTEC
    Function:1. Time-saving: Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) allow retailers to update pricing and promotional information quickly and accurately without having to manually replace paper tags. This saves time and resources for store staff.2. Cost-effective: ESLs eliminate the need for paper tags, reducing the cost of printing, storing, and distributing these tags.3. Consistency: ESLs ensure that pricing and promotional information is consistent across all shelves in a store. This eliminates the possibility of errors, which can lead to customer frustration and lost sales.4. Flexibility: With ESLs, retailers can easily change pricing and promotional information as often as they want. This allows them to respond quickly to market changes and customer demand.5. Increased accuracy: ESLs eliminate the possibility of human error, such as incorrect price tags or typos. This ensures that customers are charged the correct price and reduces the risk of pricing disputes.
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